Get YouTube Thumbnail Image

How to use?

1. Copy the Youtube link and paste it into the box

2. Click Get Thumbnail Image button

3. Select the image size and click to Download

4. Enjoy :)

What is the YouTube thumbnail?

The YouTube thumbnail is the preview image of the YouTube videos.

Can I download a YouTube thumbnail?

Yes, you can download it in just a few easy steps at the top of our website.

How do I get YouTube thumbnail?

Just a few steps:

  • 1. Copy the Youtube link and paste it into the box
  • 2. Click Get Thumbnail Image button
  • 3. Select the image size and click to Download
  • 4. Enjoy :)

What are the image sizes for a YouTube thumbnail?

There are several image sizes available:

  • Maximum Resolution (HD): 1920x1080
  • Standard Definition (SD): 640x480
  • High Quality (HQ): 480x360
  • Medium Quality (MQ): 320x180
  • Normal Quality: 120x90

YouTube Thumbnail Size

Help center of youtube give us five important points about Youtube thumbnail images. You will see Youtube success if you follow these notes. These points are:

What Is the Use of YouTube Thumbnails?

Youtube thumbnail is a preview image used to represent video. This image is a small preview image. This serves to impress people and convince them to watch the video.

These thumbnails is like a book covers. These are miniature representations of the youtube video content.

Why are YouTube Thumbnails so Important?

Often says people: “Do not judge a book by its cover”.

That sentence is true, but most people do, and it is true for Youtube thumbnails too. A good thumbnail image can help you to increase the views on video. A bad youtube thumbnail image will provide your video stays unseen.

You have two option about these images:

Although the easiest option is the automatically created images, but the best option is to create your custom Youtube thumbnail.

With the custom thumbnails your video can stand out from the others and can have a massive impact on the growth of your video viewers.

Thumbnail image do not take too much time to create. I am sure if you have 10-15 minutes, you need to create your custom thumbnail image. You know why? Because with these images you can increase your email marketing click-through rate.

What is the YouTube Thumbnail Size?

The ideal size for your thumbnail size is really important and helpful.

The Google suggests that the youtube video thumbnail size should be 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall and the minimum width needs to be 640 pixels.

We should take care regarding the ideal size. The ideal size is big.
Google tells why : “Your custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible, as the image will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player.” These images is called a “thumbnail” because it is mostly displayed small, but some times appears on big size. So the thumbnail always will be look good if it is the same (or bigger) size as the video player.

The aspect ratio is 16:9.

The thumbnail image formats are: JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG.

Last but not least, Youtube thumbnail size should be under the 2MB limit.

6 Tips for Creating Effective Thumbnails

If you have creativity you can create easily youtube thumbnails. But if you aren’t, it can be hard to create a good one.

We brought you 6 tips regarding creating thumbnails.

1. Use a Still Image from Your Video

The most basic form of youtube thumbnail is the portrait image.

There are some way to get your own thumbnail image. If you have lucky, youtube has automatically select the perfect still image from your video. If you are not, you can find a lot of video editing software on the internet for this issue.

The easiest way to take a good image, you should pause the video on a still you like, and make the video fullscreen, and take a screenshot. And you are done with the thumbnail image. After this you can edit this image, you can add title on this.

2. Create a Custom Graphic

Lots of people create youtube thumbnail image which is represent the video content. This can contain: short title about the video, the brand’s name, the brand logo and subtitles.

3. Combine a Video Still with Graphics

You can use different small graphic elements to create a good one, amazing and great thumbnail image. With these graphic elements your image will be compelling and attention-grabbing.

This way is a popular way for youtube videos. Popular at vlog, for tutorial videos, or for talks shows.

4. Write Eye-Catching Titles

We think the title of your Youtube video is important. And title in your thumbnail is important too. With a carefully crafted titles which let people know exactly what your video will be about, you can catch users focus. For exeample, what do you think, which sentence is more eye catching? Everything about Facebook marketing? And this is only youtube video title. Or Facebook marketing in 4+1 step in 2020? (youtube video title + youtube thumbnail image title) I think the last one.

5. Avoid Misleading Images and Titles

While you creating thumbnails, you need to be focus on there. This is obviously, you think right, but you need to keep your creativity in check to ensure you are not creating misleading images or titles. This is very important.

You need to be avoid using another person’s image. With the reverse image search tools people can track the image back, who is the owner, and you will get in trouble.

6. Test Different Thumbnail Designs

If you are not sure, which thumbnail design is best for your youtube channel, you can test different designs. If you changed the thumbnail design, and after this, the click-through rate increases, then this design is better than the before one.

3 Free Tools to Create a YouTube Thumbnail

You can find a lot of tools out there. With these tools you can create an eye-catching Youtube thumbnail design.

1. Create a Thumbnail for YouTube with Canva

Canva is the most popular online graphic tool on the internet.

The Canva offer you incredible Youtube thumbnail templates. With these templates you can start to create thumbnail images. There are lots of fonts, stock images, illustrations, and icons.

What is the best part?

Canva is totally free. Without upgrade you get 1 GB storage and access to more than 8000 templates and free images.

You can upgrade your Canva profile, but for more information please check official Canva website.

2. Create a YouTube Thumbnail with FotoJet

Like Canva, Fotojet is a great online design tool.

This provides us a plenty of Youtube thumbnail templates, images, and fonts. With Fotojet functions and includes you can create the perfect design.

While you can use Canva only with registration, you are able to use Fotojet without registering. And Fotojet is free too.

3. Create YouTube Thumbnails with Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post has all of the professional features, because it comes from a family of heavyweight professional design tools.

Like Canva and FotoJet, it provides templates, fonts, and so many tools.

Unfortunately if you would like to use this editor, you need to be register and pay for the subscription.

How Youtube custom thumbnail helps you get more views

Would like to know what is the best Youtube thumbnails? Would like to know how you can create your own custom thumbnail design? You are in the right place!

As before, we told you, with a great thumbnail image you can choose a way to influence viewers to choose your video. Before you misunderstand, it is not all about the thumbnail image, your content need to be cool and awesome.

Creating Great Thumbnails for YouTube Videos

We checked before a plenty of thumbnail images, and the conclusion is: You need to use:

What Makes YouTube Thumbnails Important

What do you think? Designing social networks or creating advertising images on the web is same than designing youtube thumbnails image? The answer is: no. It is different. Why? Because on the youtube are so many other brands, and you need to be compete with them.

What you will see the customer first? Obviously the thumbnail image will be, by far, is the element that draws the most attention.

If you have some youtube video in past, without thumbnail image, no problem. You can update them easily. And you can change them anytime, if you have a better one.

8+1 Ways to earn more on Youtube

  1. Videos with no content related? You need to be forget. Do not waste your time with these videos
  2. After you added a good title for your video, upload it, and write catchy description. (min 300 words)
  3. Quality is more important then quantity. Focus only on quality!
  4. For good cpc rate you have to target premium countries and find high cpc keyword
  5. You have to check trending on Google Trends. If you found good trends related to your content, then you simply make video on it and upload it to your channel
  6. As in google trends, you can check trendings on Twitter. And when you share your video on twitter, you should check hashtags. With a good hashtag you can reach more relevant users.
  7. In description you need to create good content. Add your relevant video links and all social media links. After this share your video on Twitter or on Instagram with relevant hashtags.
  8. Do you know affiliate marketing? If no, it is time to get to know about it. With affiliate marketing you can earn more money.
  9. You have to create a custom youtube thumbnail image for your video. About custom youtube thumbnail scroll middle of this page